Mayden: Book One
What Claims By Fire

Our Odyssey: Book one of the Mayden series was written seven years ago as a blog. Robin Rice posted chapters as she wrote them (without editing!) and made videos on the writing process. Click here to see how a first draft REALLY looks and how much the book we now have has changed!

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Ana Yacopino

This book reached my imagination in ways I never imaged. It is more than a series of pages lined with words, it is truly a story with vivid characters and brilliant atmospheres... Read more

Sheridan Connell

It was incredible! What makes this book exceptional is that the magic is real; the events that occur in this book could very well be possible... Read more

Linda Marsh

Magic with truth to it – showing inter-generational care and concern, and current issues shaping age-old traditions, this first book in the Mayden Chronicles is inspiring... Read more

Lynda Potter

In Mayden, the main character, what we find is indeed magic… magic that shows us that these days, anything is possible if we just believe. Mayden is a young woman full of character, strength and love... Read more

Lola Pickett

I have just finished this book; mere hours after I started it… I could not put it down!! The writing goes beyond the compelling story and truly seems to activate something long missing in my soul... Read more

Mairead Ni Loinsigh

As a reader all my life, having opened my own library at 11, I have devoured more books than I care to even begin counting. I am blown away by What Claims By Fire, consumed and literally on fire inside, no pun intended... Read more

Kathy Kellum

Delightful! You know it’s good when you don’t want the story to end... Read more

Jean S.

I couldn’t put it down! Within the first few pages I found myself invested in the characters and genuinely wanting to get to know them more. I finished the book wishing for more... Read more

Amy A.

…crackling dialogue, some brilliant set pieces, humor, romance, suspense and Magic, the kind found in fantasy novels as well as that found in the awakening heart of a lonely adolescent girl. Other people will rehash the clever plot, but I’d talk instead about the risks the writer took and how she turned them into gold... Read more